have coathanger, will travel

the machines grind up
majestic bald eagles
and call it the price
of freedom
clinging to parchment
they do not understand
as they shifted
a democracy into a
failed theocracy
putting personal agendas
before the rights
that aren’t worth the paper
they were scribbbled upon.

land of the free
home of the slave
where they tax
each and every freedom
to fund their own
oligarchy of religious delusion
preferring the dark ages
when white men spoke
and everyone listened
afraid of true equality
and autonomony of the people
because it might not align
with the interests that
line their pockets with
all the ill gotten gains.

preaching rhetoric
while dismantling the system
designed to give
voices to the voiceless
taking handouts while
assuring constituents
they know what is best
promoting mythology over
scientific fact
while happily standing
on yhe backs of the broken
in fancy suits waving
at the clouds of debris
where cities once stood.

the revolution was monopolized
by sheep in wolves clothing
and now there is an army of
coathanger solutions
preparing to march upon
the bastards destroying freedoms
we need to burn it all down
remove the sycophants
who only kneel before
the valueless dollar
and hang the heads of the pigs
from the walls of congress
as a reminder that our liberties
and our civility
are nonnegotiable entities.

this country was founded
on no taxation without
equal representation
but tell me
who do they truly represent
not the poor and homeless
not women or minorities
not small businesses
and not the values
this country was founded on
we need to set it all on fire
and stomp out all the rats
as they flee the ship
they gleefully sunk.


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