a smudge
the greasy whorls
of a fingerprint
at the edge of
the lens
a cataract
floating aimless
in the ocular jelly
of divinty
a squiggle
a shadow in the dark

lesser than
speaking algebraically
in a world of
common core
a train leaves chicago
at three in the morning
the conductor
is doing there lines
of coke an hour
while lamenting
his broken heart
another train exits
the heart of texas
moving at the
speed of disinterest
carrying emotional landmines
from a checkered past
showing your work
in the provided space
show how many gallons
of blood a fool
will happily bleed out
into the aether
using exes
as the unknown integer
still trying
to control the narrative
divided by
every ignored
i love you

a faint buzz
crickets on a
hot summer evening
white noise
at the edge of
the drunken mewling
of god
as he drool moronically
staring out
over forever
a lone discordant note
in a cacophonous silence

my hands are dark
from pigment or dried blood
i can’t quite recall
in bodily fluids
along the pristine
absurdity of life
it is all so
effortlessly meaningless
and that kills you
with each halted breath


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