tuesday dreamspasms

the creek trickles
babbling merrily
a sudden influx of
fresh hopes splashing
into this stagnancy
of dream algae growing
over the suface in
tendrils rich with dismay

red petals let loose
from overladen blossoms
floating blood clots
a flare of crimson on
a placid sea of gray
ripples dance lazily
as dragonflies dart
over marble carp glares

is this another dream
where drowning sparks
a panicked demise or
a fleeting escape bound
to fail by overgrowth
a scenic reminder of the
endless futility where
sorrows sing good morning

my tongue too sharp
resting against the whetstone
glinting dangerously
among a graveyard of
broken molared decay
lashed to this silence
rather than slicing deep
into these tethered lies

the indifferent mistress
casts harsh light upon
shadow dappled wonders
exposing the pale underbelly
where dream spits acid
to pit the doldrums of
another day spent roaming
a shattered world alone

i follow the babbling brook
this trickle of cool clean
carving a furrow across
a bastardized collusion
of polluted dreamwisps
a million fireflies dying
as the ebon fields drain
into cerulean calamities


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