best laid plans

the purple blossoms
have become
an angry pink
as the chaste trees
absorb the fury
in unrelenting waves
washing over
the world outside
as it melts into
shimmering puddles
of mercurial dream
clinging to
sweat soaked skin
raising red welts
a flurry of itching
as the white hot
light over saturates
a day of longing

skyscrapers droop
falling in upon themselves
under the weight
of concrete heart spasms
molten asphalt
swallows the petulant drivers
immolating under
the magnifying glass
held gleefully in
the corpse fingers
of god’s childlike neglect
and humanity is
last year’s gift
forgotten for
new experiences
a side effect of
divine attention
defecit disorder
favoring chaos
over best laid plans


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