thursday dissociative blues

the trails blur
brown on brown
leaving nothing
but hidden thorns
in fields of
dying dreamembers
lines of blood
and broken branches
blend together in
this seething setting
of simmering violence
dessicated shades
where sorrows flourish
moving farther away
from harmonious
wonders swirled into
a muck of ugly losses
as hope shatters
in glittery clouds
to suffocate the
stringent symphony
of sparrows in
cantankerous dismay
rusted hooks tear
through sweat slicked
promises under the
thrall of demonic light
a crimson haze diffuses
into a malignancy
in benign providence
as the gentle curve
of the horizon crumbles
brown upon brown as
the dissonance between
failing heartspasms
quiets into a vacancy
before sputtering
to a complete halt
a final catch digging
between the third and
fourth rib to puncture
the cardial divisions
unleashing a flurry of
dismal discrepancies
in flailing contempt

i blow kisses into
the eye of the storm
watching morosely as
they are torn asunder
by the weight of desires
emptied of false hopes
a passionate disinterest
lingers in malaise
as the colors blur
into a sea of darkness


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