falling face first into sunday morning

we share
a common illusion
in chemical
traipsing along
an imaginary world
encased in sets of
arbitrary rules
keeping us
grounded in
day to day psychosis
then relating
these fictional
encounters to
another entropic
meat machine for
as we misinterpret
misfired synapses
as holy interference
seeking meaning
in the static bursts
connecting dots
to unveil a
hidden horrorshow
electric ghosts
haunting mannequins
searching shadows
for glimmers of hope
unfound over
fleeting flashes of
soulembers reentering
the poisoned atmosphere

each ring
in deep brown
dancing outward
a thousand lost
declarations of
prismatic love
each waveform
in subtle
radial desires
mumbled through
numb lips
to sink to
the bottom of the cup
a handful of ashes
a basket of grounds
and a morning spent
wringing tears
from a failing
series of valves
wheezing mournfully
on a sunday morning
without you
nestled in my
yearning embrace


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