brownish gray

i found a
shady parking spot
a rare commodity
in this barren
industrial park
ridden wasteland
the view is for shit
but a steady stream
of sweaty people
provide some relief
from this saturation
of brownish gray

the grand designer
ran out of any
vibrant colors
somewhere around
a quarter of the way
through the metroplex
making any
flagrant hues
an eye catching
conflagration as they
waddle in and out
of my peripheral

everyone has been
plasticly cheerful
on this hellishly
hot monday morning
things have gone
almost too smoothly
a harbinger of
imminent intimate
disasters looming

my anxiety is on
a whole new level
i am positively vibrating
tasting the words
my serpent’s tongue
flicking out into
the sullen summer heat
for any hint of
possibly imaginary
barbs or discretions
there is danger lurking
in every wispy distortion
from the simmering street

i sit in the shade
frantically watching
perhaps grim death
rides forth this day
billowing robes of
coal black smoke
flickering in the stale
air around him
his blank countenance
of ivory indifference
as sharply hone as
the curved blade of the
scythe glinting scornfully
a cloud of red dust
kicked up by his
pale white steed as it
gallops in a wide-eyed
panic towards me

if i could
muster the moisture
i’d spit on the
cracked gray ground
a defiant fuck you
to the spectre of death
but if he rides
it’s likely to take
some lucky bastard
back to the realms
of dreamless sleep
where eternities pass
as if seconds
away from this haze
of brownish gray
and the hellfire of
another texas summer


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