no internet for the evening

i lost my connection
to the world
spent the night
totally cut off
only to rise
after a turbulent nap
to see my absence
was not noted at all
nothing reminds you
of your place quite
like being missing
yet realizing that
you weren’t missed a bit

so much time spent
inside my cavernous skull
it is always disheartening
when i snap out of it
to see i am unvisible
my meaninglessness
has carried itself over
into a new form
and i am lesser than
my admittedly low
self perception
could have imagined

connections are restored
but the lesson learned
is a bitter one
that time cannot erase
as easily as the bills
i cannot afford to pay
can wipe out
two weeks worth of earnings
scrabbling to make
some sort of headway
screaming into the night
only to be drowned out
by the planes that circle
leaving this city of
dreamless wanderers
well aware of their standing
in a land of frantic mutterings
where connections are severed
yet go unnoticed


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