tectonic dismay

the line between
frustration and
needles of anxiety
is permeable today
i feel myself
wanting to snap
the darker side of
my smile on display
a little blood runs
down my chin and
my eyes glint like
irregularly cut gems

i am a yellow eyed
onery bastard today
looking to lash out
yet choking it down
trying to coat these
irrepressible urges
with icy dissociation
to leave myself
before i do something
someone else may regret

lightning pings off
the shivering slivers
of anxietial dismay
acid roils in my
empty guts as i try
to recall how to breathe
fists clenched as my
knuckles pop themselves
seething with all of this
useless emotional excess
unable to scream out
loud enough to make
the sun flicker in my
bellowing furious angst

i need a nap
a decades long excursion
into deep slumber
to hibernate until
the inferno has passed
to wake in time
for whichever armageddon
is scheduled next


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