contemplating the nose my mind ignores

people enjoy
making others
feel small
because it makes
them feel
so overstuffed
with their own
self importance
they don’t see
people as anything
but objects
to be used
to over compensate
for their many
obvious failings

they do not see
the damages
gleefully inflicted
only the reflections
of their avarice
telling them
they are in the right
because the world
owes them

the world doesn’t
owe us anything
there is no
universal recompense
karma is as
efficient a device
as religion
to try and curb
the natural
predilections of
an inherently flawed
forced existence
but the evil ones
never truly pay
for their actions
and the good people
only have death
to look forward to

how could we
expect to be
anything more
than the delusions
of an insular being
in forced interactions
with others
who are just as
lost and afraid
all we have is
coupled with a need
to belong

but it is easier
to drown in our own
than to rely on
those that cannot see
past the noses
our minds have been
trained to ignore

we survive through
a give and take of
emotional and material
comforts knowing
we do not control
the ebb and flow
always wanting more
while receiving
less than we thing
we truly deserve
becaue we do not
deserve anything
just an array of
false expectations
never fulfilled
because we cannot
honestly expect more
than we are willing
to freely give

we strive for these
virtues we can never
hope to embody
and while some of us
truly to strive
to become better people
others will do
all they can to keep
us feeling small
the same as they do

how can we
ever hope to agree
when we cannot
experience life
in the same ways
it is all an illusion
a dream from which
death is the only
true escape


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