medicate me

under medicated
in a dream world
of sharpened edges
where everything
cuts through flesh
with a monomolecular
blade down to the
pitted bones of
calcium deficiency
tattered fibers
unravel musculature
into strands of
fetid necessity
as vacant receptors
patiently scream
for endorphin support
to dull the bright
light of miseries
in broken states
of woken terror

i sipped coffee
as my fingers reached
desperately for yours
the bitter liquid
awakening the sovereign
need for your glow
as the sparrows dance
to the verses spilling
down my numb lips

self medicated
with pills found on
the sidewalk
uncertain how many
have been consumed
as i toss one more
into my mouth hoping
for a serene clarity
to dissipate the
hanging clouds
in my empty skull


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