medusa’s head

we live in a world
where we celebrate
perseus slaying medusa
the fearsome gorgon
yet forget she only
became a monster
after she was raped
by poseidon and
cursed by athena
for her simple crime
of daring speak out
against those in power

i watch the news
villify the victims
and i can’t help
imagining perseus
riding on that winged
bastard of divine rape
parading medusa’s head
as a reminder that
the victors write
the annals of history
and the atrocities
become nothing more
than propaganda and lies


One thought on “medusa’s head

  1. Her story always made me sad. It’s weird that people can hate her so completely without even bothering to see what made her that way. Unfortunately injustice isn’t just common place it’s widely accepted and if anyone disagrees their apathy usually keeps their jaw wired shut. I think stories like hers should be told not because I want to see people like her hurt unfairly but because I want the world to see what happens when they choose to side with the bad guy. They don’t just hurt an innocent they hurt society by allowing the bad guy to continue to rule. A world without justice isn’t worth living in but it’s more important than even love.


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