wildflowers bloom across the fields of elysium

trapped behind
the windshield as
the gray city
smears into a congruous
collection of
discarded cocoons
daydreaming of
pomegranate lip stains
as demeter simpers
in her impotent rage
imagining the
unfettered excitement
as hades prepares
to welcome his
beloved queen into
the amethyst hallways
of his royal castle
loyal cerberus
three tongues wagging
guarding the gates
a hollow ache thumping
in my mechanical heart
for i know this
insufferable longing
trapped in a half life
of muted colors
while i watch the leaves
fall to the ground
a faint hope sparks within
that perhaps an end to
this long period spent
in self enforced darkness
roaming the highways
of this teeming necropolis
lit by the embers of
the dreamdander delirium
where pomegranate kisses
call my soul home


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