bitter fruit

some people
have learned all
they need to
devoting themselves
to the small world
they occupy and
are contented in
the knowledge that
gets them through
the routines
they need to survive
specialized geniuses
unaffected by all
the ideas they have
no need for

i know just enough
to see the glaring holes
and the more i try
to scrape together
the more i realize
how ignorant i am
and no matter how
much i seek to absorb
the mysteries of this
human condition
it is like sand
eagerly escaping
my meager grasp
proving what a fool
who knows so very little
in actuality i am
collecting facts in
glass jars as specimens
i tap and shake hoping
they will reveal more
of the hidden picture

some people are content
as stationary sages
pontificating to the
similar stagnations of
the corners they occupy
while other relentlessly
search for answers
beyond the keen of
simply stated settling
the bitter fruit fallen
to roll from the valleys
of ignorant kings who
cannot fathom the lands
enveloped in shadows
delineating these
specialized self styled
geniuses from the idiots
never satisfied with
tall tales draped as truth


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