flesh from bone

oh, how i feel
the black waters
chruning beneath
the bow of my
rickety vessel
as the waves swell
battering the hull
and i dream of
sinking underneath
the spume of evening
beckoning in the
frigid ebony river
for there is naught
left for a forsaken
fool chasing doom
bleeding calamities
in oil slick pools
refracting moonbeams
into a slick sick
of corrupted desire
to do but succumb to
that dead eyed moon
filling the vacancy
in my chest with the
tidal pull pounding
behind my eyes in
staccato flashes of
lavender fires that
hugrily consume the
last sparkling shards
of painblossom dismays
glittering like diamonds
in hollow devotionals
whispered between the
heaving gasps of cool
air down a torn throat
from screaming to be
seen by the hooded
figures with coarse
scarves tied over
the empty eye sockets
of the ravenous ghouls
roaming the desolation
of wartorn innocence
chasing illusions
dancing on the foam
flecked obsidian waves
of smiles meant for
someone other than an
unloveable fool lashed
to the main mast of
a sinking ship as it
is pulled into the
swirling maw of the
spiraling maelstrom
where the skeletal hands
of former flames tear
the flesh from bone
as the frigid water
pours greedily down
to drown the lunacy
in the cratered face
of the moon beating
in my hollowed chest


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