excising diction to avoid the quiet disregard

a half empty
bottle of whiskey
music on
too loud
sending ripples
through the amber
sharp white cheddar
on cheap saltines
and the bottomless
depths of anxiety
flipping back and
forth between
manic depressions
and angry acceptances
in a synaptic storm
flash frying
the quivering gelatin
containing this
abomination of
ancillary existence
shot glasses shatter
against the wall
as i scream at the bastards
one shot for chinaski
two more for hunter
a glass of red wine
for lovely sylvia
straight from the bottle
for all those forgotten
idiots that chased
after muses to an
untimely demise
twitching alone in the
throes of withdrawal
until i finally pour
myself across the floor
where the ceiling spins
its disappointment
as i vomit all of
this dejected bile from
another rejected plea
to the universe for
a fucking break or
at least a swifter end


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