a constant
frenetic motion
never stopping
no time for thought
just movement
one parking meter
goes to zero as
the next one
gets fed
racing from the
thirteenth floor
to the street
eight blocks over
rinse and repeat
elevator to
sidewalk to
escalator to
skybridge to
staricase to
parking meter
cars circling
hoping to steal
the last vacated
slot as i circle
looking for my
new home for
the next hour
the phone dings
another meeting
another call
another trip
lost in the smog
i need to pee
have needed to
for the last
six hours but
there hasn’t been
a clear shot
to a clean commode
and my head is
crackling but
there isn’t time
to deal with pain
the meter is
due to expire
unlike me who
cannot possibly
afford to die

the sky is clear, a deep shade of refracted delusion, the storm clouds long gone, tepid pools with oil slick contusions will evaporate before getting the chance to stagnate, my distorted reflection trundling ever forward as the traffic thickens, an old bull running through pamplona hoping to gore one last bullfighter, more likely to chip a horn charging valiantly into my next disaster, sending kisses on the breeze as it swirls between the glass edifications to capitalistic daydreams, a fool who really needs to pee, feeding the insatiable meters


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