blistered beauty marks

transformers send
showers of sparks raining
down on my head
i am supercharged
racing with arcing light
the mania strikes
as many fucking times
as it wants as i thrash
snapping molars on
the wooden dowel jammed
in my alligator bite
splinters pierce my gums
a pink flecked foam
lost in my sandalwood
scented facial topiary
a wolf in sheeps clothing
in wolves clothing
masquerading as a vaguely
manshaped orb of crackling
ball lightning in
lavish lavender flashes
i float above the ground
static discharges as my
skin blisters little
more than a faulty conduit
for an excess of anxieties
tears of frustration
sizzling down my cheeks
a hovering electromagnetic
pulse firing destruction
into the æther in a
panicked string of
lowercase insecurities

i am a primal force
a great reckoning sent
to deliver sermons of
indecent desires and
grand descents into the
very bowels of hell itself
a traveling preacher
with an electric soul
lighting bonfires along
the gentle curve of
beauty with unintentional
zaps leaving scars in
the shape of her crooked
smile as it haunts my
every dreamthistled ache
and you are powerless
to the voltage as it
courses through down
your ocular nerve in
a breathless rush of
emotions you forgot
how to experience in the
doldrums of day to day
dying in wasted seconds

i will leave the same
disaster that came
crashing in uninvited
you will leave with an
ache nothing can ease
that keeps you awake
long into the night
craving one more taste
of the electrified chaos
both of us cursed to
relive the agony in
blistered beauty marks


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