sleeping pills and penny pontifications

the last sleeping pill
a lingering fog
the coffee can’t quite
seem to dispell as i
listen to the sparrows
the first flashes of
dull light bleeds through
and i am unsure if it
is the sun rising slowly
or another round of
random terror from the
faulty ground in my
tesla coiled brain as
the dreamdust swirls
with momentary glimpses
of half recalled vistas
following the trail of
dystopian wreckages as
the sky flashes angrily
uncertain if i am fully
awake or still trapped
in that pseudosleepstate
chemically altered to
feel half rested slogging
through a swamp where
residual painblossoms
bathed in heartachingly
surreal crystalline odes
to the absence of excess
the excessive anti-accrual
of satisfying conclusions
delusions wrapped in the
intrusive confusions of
smog billowing thickly
in a desert of bland
beige dismissals swirling
through the bare branches
skeletal fingers grasping
at the carcinogenic motes
a cancerous acceptance of
medically induced rest
leaving me half awake as
the coffee flavored kisses
carnivorous butterflies
draped in birdsong calling
forth the baleful sun to
singe the sinful miasma
as i sit incapable of
anything more than loving
her with every oxygen
depleted cell as the pain
from burning plasma bolts
flash fry the chemicals
reanimating this corpse
of passionate atrophies

slurred i love yous dance
dreamdander particulates
in the cool breeze of
the slowly approaching dawn
three times three times three
i release my adorations
in a futility of sleepy
half surrendered sighs
her name etched upon my
tongue and a subtle hint
of sunlight in the sky
unsure of my state of being
half congealed consciousness
intangibly drifting over
an ocean of sublimated need


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