swishing blades

the sky
pisses rain
horns blare
i am lost
between the
swishing blades
displacing dirt
and fat drops
ever falling.

brake lights
a sea of
angry red
festively glaring
as the traffic
swells along
the overpass.

arterial plaque
dancing in the
muscular atrophy
of a congested
cardial illusion
seeking to
break free and
cause the failing
city to convulse
in spastic dances.

a contagion of
mewling voices
unheard paupers
begging for
loose change
any change to
this discombobulation
of incessant misery
bedazzled in the
flashing lights
warning of
high water in
the perilous dips.

i listen to
the too loud silence
another blood cell
swept into
the spleen of
human presumption
consumed and
recompiled as
the same failures
faintly falling
tumors and tumeric
oblong obligations
in an aspiration of
anguished aggression.

while the sky
pisses rain
horns blaring
in sea of
brake lights
lost between
the swishing blades
a displacement of
filth in fat drops
in tumultuous decent.


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