the cold moon
hides in frigid disdain
obscured lunacy
of reverential malaise
gradual disavowment
leaving flecks of
celestial disenchantment
in sanguine surrender
forming a nimbus
in penumbra repugnance
distorting dismay

devotional hymnals
ashes drifting
in a plastic bubble
diaroma of discontent
the stagnancy of
irrational irrelevance
a dull blade tracing
an insolence of
disregarded innocence
a bauble of innocuous
residual restraint

the cold moon
hangs itself in the
vacuous callousness
of solar flares
refracting the frozen
axial disambiguation
of winter in frigid
disdain trapped in
a cracked snowglobe
resting in a pool
of evaporated refrains

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