i am lost
roaming these
pathways of
an escher
fever dream
laws of physics
as the illusion
of freedom
sheds itself
while i clutch
at the shifting
stairways that
lead manically
into the night

the horizon looms
ever out of
reach despite
the impossible
angles projected
in this absurdity
forcibly replacing
the lies taught
in hopes of
making the next
generation of
thoughtless drones

i cannot seem
to rectify
how an unwanted
teenage pregnancy
has become so
morose when
each morning
my eyes open
only to have the
unbearable weight
of reality flung
over hazel distress
the sheer idiocy
in seeking one
reason to rise
to pantomime
as i roam alone
these skeletons
of fallen gods

i am lost
the tuberculosis
in albert’s lungs
that sidelined
a soccer star
and gave rise
to contradiction
existing in time
with the birds
flowing between
white and black
a scribbled line
on the margin
of escher’s
greatest attempt
at suckling the
dessicated teat
of reasonable


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