wolves howl in a panicked concerto

the wind is
a howling wolf
just outside
my bedroom window
i hear it over
the shower
in an array of
sounding the clumsy
metal collisions
of the wind chimes
as they hang
horizontally in
the wailing gales
i stood shaving
putting the broken
pieces of sleep
together to show
a full design of
tired acceptances
as the blades slide
through the five
o’clock shadow of
the last time i
bothered looking
in the cracked mirror
old growth sundered
fitfully in strokes
the coffee hissing
a mourning exhalation
all as the water sprays
kissing my bare flesh
in a volcanic deluge
beneath the jumble
of awkward clangs
in a tumultuously
chaotic cacophony
calling out in a rigidly
synchronous mockery
of my panicked heart

let the winds blow
away the detritus of
scattered dreamembers
fireflies in a
tornado spinning
into a lightshow of
intangibly tarnished
soulshivered slivers
coded signals of
earnest declarations
lost in the howling
spirals as the grit
of sleepless longing
sandblasts the last
remnants of hope from
the hazel dissonance
of a freshly shaven fool

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