balloon, words

wrote a note this morning

tied it to a balloon and sent it off on the winds

did you get it

probably not

it was unimportant

just said i was at the end of my rope


the note was tied to the end of the rope


as i slept i dreamt of a kiss, it was soft and sweet

the nervous first kiss

not the hard lipped kiss of desperate need

nor the type that ends with a gentle nibble

soft and sweet

i awoke with a tingle on my mouth and held hope somewhere you dreamt of kissing me back

the taste of wine on your breath

your lips stained a deep maroon, whether from the wine or lipstick or a rush of blood

so i scribbled a note of kisses and tied it on and sent it out to you

it bobbed and wove drunkenly on the wind

steadily north

and as it vanished i knew it would never find your hand

imagine it got caught in a tree

or popped by the thorn of mesquite shrub

plucked by a bird to line it’s nest

but i sent a balloon with a note to your lips from mine

one time will forget

even as the dream fades away


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