intuition, words

can’t shake the feeling i did something wrong


not sure what exactly

but that amorphous sense of impending doom floats

like rabid moths in my center

churning sharks in my stomach

whipped into a frenzy by the subtle scent of blood

lifelines have receded, pulled up anchor and set sail for anywhere but near me

i think i said too much

maybe shined too brightly with emotion

and burned myself to a cinder

now i wait for the inevitable pull of orbit

soon another flashing light as come crashing down to the ground again

i would apologize if i knew the crime

beg for forgiveness

would it fall on deaf ears

hate this feeling

not knowing

just that intuition


6 thoughts on “intuition, words

      1. Welllll go out in your yard, do two or three cartwheels, breath in some sunshine. Cuz you an awesome person and you are breathing. And some people aren’t. You should be happy about that.

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