the light entered my cornea, refracted and hitting my iris like a laser

it passed through the vitreous, the gel that maintains the shape and supports my retina

there is was changed into an electrical surge and raced down my optic nerve

my brain interpreted the signals and an image formed, this all happened in an instant

activity formed in my dopaminergic pathways, cortisol levels increased

my anterior cingulate cortex reacts, my angular gyrus blossoms and roars

adrenaline spikes, my heart races and palms instantly grow wet with perspiration

the influx of norepinephrine and serotonin, limbic resonance, elevated testoterone

all this happens without a single coherent thought in my head, it just took a fraction of a second, millisecond at most

she entered, the light shining, cascading around her, my breath halted and before i knew it was over, i never stood a chance
in a heartbeat, one of millions that went without a hitch, with no conscious effort

i was hers

scientifically speaking it was a herculean effort, realistically speaking it was a subline instant of perfection

a frozen moment forever locked in my mind, played over and over again on constant loop

i didn’t speak to her, didn’t rush over to see if that second of divinity was shared

and as she left i swallowed sour regret

then the door opened again, the light entered my cornea, it refracted

and it all started over again

her chocolate brown eyes caught mine, her full lips parted in a smile that promised so much more than a hello, it whispered of forever, i longed to stand, to approach her, to declare my undying loyalty…

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