new constellations

do you remember staring at the stars that night

lying on the hood of the car, still warm as the chill air surrounded us

watching our breath blow clouds into the sky

orion’s belt seemed cocked at a funny angle and we laughed that could have been around his feet as lupus and lepus pranced across the sky

we played connect the dots with the glimmering sky and created new ways to amuse ourselves

do you remember laying in the crook of my arm and laughing into my throat

i would say anything to get you to curl up closer and giggle for me

to feel your lips upon my throat

or how later we had cocoa even though i don’t like chocolate and all you had were fruity marshmallows and we left our steaming mugs to grow cold on the table as we kissed on the couch

and in your eyes i saw something more beautiful than the velvet sky sprinkled with jewels

i saw forever even if i was not aware that forever meant something different in the languid time of new love

and we never did drink that cocoa even though for you i would have choked it down

we never did a lot of the things we whispered into one another’s ear

but we have the stars and the new constellations we dreamt up that one cold night on the hood of the car in the middle of nowhere

we have our chunk of forever that didn’t seem quite that long

and we have the scars to prove we tried and burned out, glimmering fragments of stardust in our veins

that’s enough, more than some ever grasp, less than you deserved, but for a stretch it seemed like everything


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