9151 blvd 26

i spent twenty minutes
looking for the woodpecker
tapping for grubs
on the leafless trees
before realizing
there was a good chance
what i heard was
the tapping of high heels
as i saw the lady
watching me search
for a bird that didnt exist

there is likely a lesson
to be learned
about a fool seeking
the elusive woodpecker
but not one i seem
equipped to accept as of yet
after the last time
i sat enjoying the serenity
of the bayou
listening to what i thought
was one of those avian bastards
that turned out to be
a hammer from construction
around the bend of
the slow moving river

the sparrows sit
on the hood of my car
judgmental black eyes
wondering what it is precisely
that draws them to me
maybe the metal content
of my anemic blood
calls to the lodestone
of navigation spinning
in their tiny little heads
certainly not my ability
to determine everyday sounds
from the tapping of
woodpeckers looking
for lunch among the bark
of leafless trees lining
the small creek running
behind the building

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