a distortion
pulling all of
reality into
the spiralling arm
of armageddon
with each palpation
sending an array
where the double
helix begins to
unravel rewriting
the genetic code
into a sludge of
base desires and
indecency in a
spectral anomaly
that cascades an
irradiation of
timid intrusions
into the absence
at the still heart
where creation rots
in a fine mist of
angelic recursion

crack my chest open
and feed my heart
of dessicated love
to the great beast
chained in perdition
as affections expire
in a fine mist of
the salt laden tears
of caustic trails that
carve furrows in the
innocent flesh left
to decay in a surge
of blasphemous intent
a pauper in a dessicated
cloak of faded adorations
begging for an escape
from the repugnant
grasp of the corpses
flogging creativity
for a glimpse of the
divinity in the dead
gaze of humanity lost

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