with fins circling in the distance

i dreamt

and in that dream i dreamt we were on the beach in front of crystal blue water

and on that beach in front of crystal blue water we fed each other dates and pointed at the fins moving about in the distance

stomachs full of dates and pointing at the fins moving about in the distance and occasionally pointing at clouds and the animals we could see hidden in the puffs

as we pointed at the clouds and the animals we could see hidden in the distance you turned to me and said that looks like a dragon and i scrunched up and tried to see it

and as i scrunched up my face and tried to see it as the sun reflected back off the crystal blue water that lay in front of us i saw nothing but clouds in the sky

and in the clouds in the sky over the fins circling about in the distance under sun that caused diamonds to shimmer on the waves i began to recite a poem

the words came tumbling out sloppily across the beach we sat on and picked up momentum over the blue waves bouncing from fin to fin until they were swept into the maw of the dragon of cloud i couldn’t make out

the taste of brown sugar from the dates on my lips and the scent of wildflowers in my nose punctuated by blinding diamonds on the waves and animals i no longer saw

my words coming out and your smile as you listened while the sun bathed us in a warm glow and the fins steadily circled from diamond to diamond in the crystal blue waves

and you leaned in to kiss me on the checkered blanket on the sand with lips sweet from dates and the scent of wildflowers in your hair heedless of the sharks and the dragon with diamonds reflected in your eyes

and i awoke and tossed fitfully in my bed while tangled up in a blanket while the fan made my exposed leg too cold but the blanket made it too hot

and all i wanted was five more minutes on the beach in front of the crystal blue waters with fins in the distance and dragons flying above

when sleep so fitful finally came i was on that beach but you were no where to be seen

the brackish waters were choppy and wind whipped the sand into stinging nettles across my face and chest and the fins were too close as i realized the checkered blanket was wet with the cold water that was rising too fast

and the animals in the clouds were vicious and prepared to pounce and the sun was hidden behind them fearful of what was to come

and i caught a whiff of wildflowers but there was an under note of rot and decay like the flowers on a grave in a misty cemetary in october

i tried to call out to you but i realized i didn’t even know your name and there was something caught in my throat and i began to cough as i choked

as i choked in the frigid waters now up to my waist i spat out the pit of a date into the foamy black waters

and as the pit hit the foamy black waters it alerted the sharks to come closer and i tried to move but seaweed entangled my legs which were cold and cramping

and thunder rang like explosions and lightning crashed onto the beach behind me forming cracked glass and the cloud animals crept nearer with predatory grace

and i could see the black eyes of the sharks black upon the black of the rapidly rising waters as i scrambled to free myself from the seaweed and gaze of hungry creatures

the glass beach behind me cracked and sharp and jutting shards like the teeth in front and above me and the sickly sweet smell of death and wildflowers filling the air

and i slipped and my head hit the glass and my legs were swept out from beneath me and i knew i was chum for the sharks or a snack for the dragons lurking in stormy clouds

as i sank to my demise the words of my poem mocking in my head i gave in to the inevitable and sank deeper into the inky black

but i dreamt last night we were on a beach overlooking crystal blue water and feeding each other dates

and i awoke to the silence of an empty home with one leg out of the blanket and freezing from the fan with my head against the wall and my fists clenched in fear

no fins in the distance nor dragons in the sky nor black glistening waves

just an ache a longing for more

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